Sisi Poems

2017 marks the year of Austria’s most famous Empress’ 180th birthyear.

Elisabeth or ’Sisi’ is still celebrated as an icon today, with admirers and fans all over the world.

Few, however, know that the austrian Empress was an exceptionally gifted poet and that she personally insisted her entire literary collection only be released a century after its original transcript. Her verses are not only poetically elegant, they are historically seen as miniature masterpieces. Elisabeth therein immortalises her true feelings regarding life as a monarch: she critisises the Viennese court, reveals secrets about her Habsburg relatives and talks about her explosive love affairs.

Internationally renowned composer – especially celebrated for his composition of German Lied (or art-song) – Albin Fries has set seventeen of the Empress’ poems to music, this year.

Nina Bernsteiner, critically acclaimed across the globe for her outstanding performances, now lends her voice to Fries’ compositions and breathes new life into the Empress’ poems. Rising star pianist Ammiel Bushakevitz accompanies the young soprano.

„Sisi Poems – Lieder der Kaiserin Elisabeth“ an album dedicated to Empress Sisi’s poems and set to music by composer Albin Fries can be ordered online!

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photos © Marie Dücker Photography

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